Accord high priority to opening new courts, and setting up a mechanism for speedy clearance of the backlog of cases at various levels in the judiciary

Inadequate Progress

Number of pending cases in Supreme Court has remained stagnant  at 61 thousand from 1st March 2016 to 1st April 2017, number of pending cases in High Courts has remained stagnant at nearly 40.5 Lakh and in district courts at 2.8 crores

Parliament passed Commercial Courts Act 2015 which provides for separate set of Commercial Courts to be set up by State Governments at the District level to try suits and claims pertaining to commercial disputes of a value of at least Rs.1 crore and above and endeavor to dispose of them within 6 months of their filing date. Commercial Courts have since then started functioning in Delhi, Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. 

Since there is only marginal improvement in reducing the judicial backlog of cases thus far, the performance of BJP government against this promise has been classified as “Inadequate Progress”

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