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Ensure adoption of IT in MSMEs

Inadequate Progress

BJP government has revised the guidelines for “Promotion of ICT in MSME sector” under which it has proposed the subsidy of 60%  for using Cloud Computing  for a period of 2 years. Budget allocation for this scheme has been reduced from Rs. 18 crore in 2014 to Rs. 5 crores in 2017

BJP government continued Bar-Code Scheme launched under UPA government to benefit MSMEs for inventory control, wide acceptability of products in the domestic and world markets & higher efficiencies. A total expenditure for this scheme has been increased from 1.25 crore in 2014 to 1.54 crore in 2016.

Ministry of MSME launched MSME Databank Portal in August, 2016 which will provide real time information on various types of the MSMEs registered. This has been done to boost up public procurement.

Since Budget allocation has been reduced by more than 70% & no new scheme has been launched, this promise has been classified as inadequate.

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