Establish a national E-Library to empower school teachers and students


Under the Digital India initiative, the BJP government has launched many projects including:

  1. Talk to Teacher: An Immersive e-learning classroom.
  2. Aakash Education Portal: To empower teachers through workshops using technology.
  3. Sakshat: To enable ICT driven delivery in Higher Education.
  4. E Basta: To make school books available in digital form.
  5. E Pathshala: Resources for students, teachers, researchers, and educators.
  6. Shaala Siddhi: For school evaluation
  7. Saransh: To help schools identify areas of improvement in students, teachers, and curriculum.

No statistics about the usage of these portals are publicly available on the usage of the websites.

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    The Library has books which can be accessed in real time from any location and an amount of Rs 47.