Incentivize and set up ‘agro food processing clusters’, with high value, export-quality and vacuum packed food processing facilities, etc.

Adequate Progress

The Mega Food Park Scheme was launched by the UPA government in 2008. 42 parks have been approved to date. Currently, 8 parks are operational including 6 operationalized in the last 3 years. Currently, 26 parks are under construction, up from 23 in 2014.

The BJP government sanctioned 101 Cold Chains in March 2017 taking the total number to 236. Out of 100 operational cold chains, 63 have become operational in last 3 years.

The BJP government set up a special fund of Rs. 2000 crore in NABARD to provide credit at the concessional rate of interest to food parks and agro-processing units.

BJP government has approved a new central scheme SAMPADA with a budget allocation of Rs 6000 crores for the development of infrastructure for agro-processing clusters in May 2017.

The total allocation of funds under the ministry of Food Processing Industries has been increased from 564 crores in 2013-14 to 800 crores in 2017-18.  The BJP government increases the FDI limit in food processing industry to has allowed 100% FDI in food processing industry in 2016-17, up from 24% in 2013-14.

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