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Will ensure that a conducive, enabling environment is created making ‘doing business’ in India easy

Adequate Progress

India’s rank in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ improved from 142nd rank in 2014 to 130th rank in 2016, according to World Bank.  This is an improvement of 12 places.  However, on the parameter of ‘Starting A New Business’, India’s rank slipped to 155th rank in 2016 compared to 151th rank in 2014.

On the parameter of ‘Getting Electricity’ , India’s rank has been improved from 137th rank in 2015 to 26th rank in 2016. The report has recognized the efforts of getting electricity in Delhi to make it faster and cheaper to obtain an electricity connection.

The government extended the validity of industrial licence to 3 years and the industrial licence for defense to 15 years in July, 2014.

Since, India’s rank has been improved up to 12 places & has space for the improvement in other parameters too, it has been given the status “Adequate Progress”.

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