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Citizen Charter: Time-bound delivery of services by the government departments will be ensured by Citizen Charter and any violation would invite penalties.


By Akshay Chooramani

Aam Aadmi Party ruled Delhi Legislative Assembly passed Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services Bill 2015 in November 2015 to cut red-tapism in bureaucracy and enhance accountability for delivery of services that affect citizens in their routine lives. The bill stipulates clear time-frame for delivery of services, incentivises citizens to file their grievances in cases of non-delivery and penalises erring officials.

  • The bill has a provision of compensating the citizens in cases of their services not delivered within the time-bound (Section 3)
  • The bill has a provision to penalize the erring officer for not delivery of service within the stipulated time (Section 7)
  • The bill also has a provision of reward and incentives for exemplary service to citizen (Section 12A)

Read the full bill here. The Central Government through LG returned the bill on June 24th, 2016.  


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