Open 500 new schools with special focus on secondary and senior secondary schools

Adequate Progress

The number of schools has increased from 1007 in 2014-15 to 1030 in 2017-18. In addition to this, the Government is in process of constructing more than 8,000 new classrooms, most of which are nearing completion now. If 60 rooms were to equate with constructing one school, the Government of Delhi will have constructed 135 schools in a few months from now. Also, since there is a double shift concept of schools, the number of schools (in equivalent terms) would be equal to 270. The 2017-18 budget documents show that the government has sanctioned construction of 10,000 more classrooms (165 schools in equivalent terms). This will take the number of schools (in equivalent terms) to 600 when the construction work is complete. 1 2 3

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