On 19th July, the Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan claimed in Parliament that the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi never promised to increase the Minimum Support Price (MSP) equal to 1.5 times the input cost.

Fact-Check Report: False and Misleading. There is considerable evidence that establishes that the then Prime Ministerial candidate and Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) made a solemn promise to increase the minimum support price to 1.5 times. The government has refused to implement this recommendation of Swaminathan Commission. Now the agriculture Minister has gone a step further by making a false statement that such a promise was never made. We present the fact-check report.

In his speech produced below, the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi made a solemn promise of increasing the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for the farmers to at least 50% above the input cost of the farmers. Listen to the video yourself:


This was greeted with very loud cheer from the audience. Is it not a fraud with the audience that greeted the promise with such loud cheer? The promise was then reiterated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in all his speeches subsequently.

BJP’s 2014 Lok Sabha Manifesto promised a minimum of 50% profits over the cost of production for the farmers. Produced below is a snapshot of page 28 of their own manifesto.

Clearly the agriculture minister lied in Parliament and to us. Let the Minister know that you are monitoring him and the government and expect them to fulfill their promises to the farmers of our country 11,500 of had to commit suicide last year because of ongoing agrarian crisis. He can be contacted at 011-23072370, 23072380, or 09013180251 or via email rmsingh@sansad.nic.in.  His residence is at  6, Ashoka Road,New Delhi – 110001.

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