Promise Tracker

Our effort is to enable voters to monitor the performance of their governments. We will also assess if governments adhere to all of their promises in regard to education, health, economy, agriculture, transparency, law and order, minority rights, culture, and many more. Currently, we are tracking the performance of Bharatiya Janta Party led Central Government and Aam Aadmi Party led Government of Delhi.

BJP Sarkaar - Centre (2014 - Present)

On 16th May 2014, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) won the electoral vote, winning 282/543 seats, and Narendra Modi took oath as 14th Prime Minister of India on 26th May 2014.

AAP Sarkaar - Delhi (2015 - Present)

On 15th February 2015, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won the electoral vote, winning 67/70 seats, and Arvind Kejriwal took oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi

Our vision is to track every government on every sector by 2020. This is a work in progress and we require your help in tracking the performance of the rest of the state and local governments. If you share our love for democracy, please write to us at Long Live Democracy! Long Live People's Power!
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