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An Export Promotion Mission will be established integrating all Stakeholders


The Export Promotion Mission, proposed in budget,  2014-15, has seen no headway yet. It does not find a reference in Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20.

The Export Promotion Mission is aimed at bringing the States on board to achieve India’s export target. It would provide the institutional frameworks for working with the State governments to boost India’s exports, according to the Foreign Trade Policy statement.

In June 2018, department of Commerce proposed to open 10 offices in Indian missions abroad for accelerating export promotion activities. No further information is available further. The BJP government in its Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20 has set an export target of 900 billion. dollars by 2020 which they planned to revisit later on.  However, no reference was made to Export Promotion Mission in its policy documentIndian Exports stands at around 300 billion. Dollars according to Trading Economics.

Since there has been no progress on this front, the promise is considered “Broken”

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    nice information and update for FTP 2015-20