Double the number of courts and judges in the subordinate judiciary in a phased manner


As the data given below shows that there is only 16% increase against a promise of 100% increase. Considering the number of judges working as on 30.09.2018 is lower than even number of judges sanctioned before Modi led BJP government came to power indicating it failed to even fill all the vacancies set aside the question of doubling the number of Judges and Courts, the promise has been classified as “Broken”.

Number of Judges Sanctioned (as on 31.12.2013): 19,518

Number of Judges Sanctioned Strength (as on 30.09.2018): 22,644

% Change: +16%

Number of Judges Working Strength (as on 31.12.2013) : 15,115

Number of Judges Working (as on 30.09.2018): 17,509

% Change: +16%

Source: Response submitted in Lok Sabha by Ministry of Law and Justice dated 26.12.2018. The response can be accessed here.

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