Explore setting up of regional Kisan TV channels


The BJP government launched a television channel dedicated to Farmers (DD Kisan) in May 2015. Viewership of the channel is around 73 lakh per month on average. Funds allocated for the channel has decreased overtime. Budget documents reveal that the channel had 51.7 Crore rupees in 2017-18, and 48.89 Crore (5.3% reduction) in 2018-19 and no budget has been allocated in 2019-20

However, it must be noted that the promise was of setting up regional channel not broadcasting one channel in regional language. The difference is not merely pedantic but critical. In case of regional channels, the shows broadcast would focus on regional issues, prescribe regional solutions, and be in regional language. In one national channel which is expected to cover entire country, the time dedicated to any region is limited, its ability to focus on regional issues is also limited. Hence, region specific information is not delivered to farmers in real time.

In this light, the promise is considered “Broken”

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