Focus on increasing the penetration and usage of broadband across the country. Deployment of broadband in every village would be a thrust area

Inadequate Progress

BharatNet (earlier called  National Optical Fibre Network), a project initiated by UPA-II in the year 2011 aims to provide 100 Mbps bandwidth in all Gram Panchayats in the country. However, as per the publication by the government itself dated 07.01.2019, the Government has no plan to install Wi-Fi in 1,45,000 of the 2,50,000 gram panchayats. Of the 1,05,000, where the agencies decided to install the Wi-Fi, it has been done in 39,379 villages only of which Wi-Fi has been operational in 12,528 gram panchayats only. This constitutes 4.8% gram panchayats only.


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  1. Dhananjay Burnwal

    Description of Work Status
    1. OFC Pipe laid-2,32,607 Kms (1,03,698 GPs)
    2. Optical Fibre laid 2,05,729 Kms (91,451 GPs)
    3. Tenders Finalized 3366 Blocks / 1,25,376 GPs
    4. Work Started* 3204 Blocks / 1,19,693 GPs
    5. Current Weekly performance of Optical Fibre laying 1606Kms
    6. Current Weekly performance of OFC Pipe laying 1566 Kms
    7. Optical Fibre Cable Delivered on site 2,38,876 Kms
    8. GPON Integrated & Tested (Lit) 19,785 GPs


    • Tejas Singh