Focus on Rural Health care delivery.

Inadequate Progress

A sub-centre is the primary unit of healthcare delivery in India, catering to a population of 3000-5000. Since 2012, the number of sub-centres with no health worker has increased from 3,159 to 5,258 by March 2016, as per the Rural Health Statistics, 2016.

Primary Health Centres (PHCs) has increased from 24,448 in 2013 to 25,354 in the year 2016, an increase of 960. This is a shortfall of more than 4,000 Centres, as per government estimates. The problem gets compounded by the fact that nearly 2,000 PHCs are functioning without any doctor, according to Health Manpower in Rural Areas, HMIS Report,2016

There is a clear lack of infrastructure and manpower in healthcare sector in rural areas. Any focus on rural health care delivery needs to start with filling these gaps and shortfalls since 86% of rural population is without health-expenditure support and around 48% of overnight trips made by rural Indians is made for medical purposes.

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