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Frame the environment laws in a manner that provides no scope for confusion and will lead to speedy clearance of proposals without delay


No bill in this regard has been tabled in Parliament since BJP government has come to power. However, the ministry drafted a bill in this regard and uploaded on its website in October 2015 but no progress has been made since then. 

In August 2018, the BJP government claims to have launched the PARIVESH portal (Pro-Active and Responsive facilitation by Interactive, Virtuous and Environmental Single-window Hub) which is aimed at creating single registration and single sign-in for all types of clearances (i.e. Environment, Forest, Wildlife and CRZ), unique-ID for all types of clearances required for a particular project and a single Window interface for the proponent to submit applications for getting all types of clearances (i.e. Environment, Forests, Wildlife and CRZ clearances). However, a basic search using Google’s advanced tool reveals that the portal existed before Modi Government came to power. Therefore, it is not clear what exactly was launched in August 2018 if the portal existed before 2014.

Since no law has been framed in this regard to minimise scope of confusion and environmental delays, the promise is considered “Broken”

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