Inculcate a culture of sports at the school level by arranging sports facilities and training needs and make sports as a compulsory part of the school curriculum


No such policy has been formulated by the BJP government that makes sports a compulsory part of the school curriculum. It is important to understand that all schools have sports periods in which children engage in various sporting activities. However, this is considered “extra-curricular”. Sports as a part of curriculum means consistent engagement with sports as subject (both theoretical and practical), defined syllabus, grading, and assessments. The Vice-President in his speech dated 06.07.2018 favoured making sports a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. Similar demand has been made by Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. The Sports Minister assured in August 2018 that sports period will be made mandatory in all schools. However, as clarified earlier, mandatory sports period is not same as sports being part of the curriculum.

Therefore, the performance against this promise is classified as “Broken” in the absence of any policy making Sports a part of school curriculum.

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