Initiate the computerization and networking of courts all over the country


The promise is misplaced and reflects ignore since the E-Courts project had already started in 2007. It aimed to make 14,249 courts ICT enabled by 2014 had already achieved a target of 8,000 by September 2011 and another 4,000 was expected by  2014. The project continues to progress at the same speed and there has been no increase in allocation for this project by Government of India in the last three years.  The allocation for the project is Rs 1670 crores in the Five Year Plan (2012-17). However, in 2014, the BJP government ablished the Planning Commission.

As per news report published by Hindustan Times dated September 2018 and independently examined by us, citizens still cannot access orders and judgements of lower Courts, cause list is not uploaded on websites,

As per the news report, the subordinate Courts are yet to be connected by WAN (Wide Area Network).

Considering, the lower Courts which are the most imporant courts for ordinary people still have not been computerised and network, the performance is considered “Broken”


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  1. Anurag Arya

    Since the E courts project is in phases, could you add phase wise data (if available) to enable better assessment of the progress.