Rework the work culture of teacher training institutions with a goal to prepare committed & performing teachers


Before proceeding, let’s establish indicators for measuring “committed and performing teachers”. In our view, the best indicator is the learning of children in primary schools since most teacher training institutions cater to primary grades. 

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) published by Pratham, a not-for profit education organisation finds that the % of children in class V who are able to read class 2 text has improved marginally i.e. from 42.2% in 2014 to 44.2% in 2018. It means 55.8% class 5 children still cannot read class 2 text in their own mother tongue.

The BJP government launched “Prashikshak-a teacher education portal” to strengthen teacher education institutions-DIETs. The portal provides the government data to help assess the quality of DIETs. The portal publishes reports at national, state and institute level which are available to the public. However, interestingly the portal has been lying dysfunctional for more than a month (last accessed: 13th March 2019)

In the light of above evidence that establishes inconsequential improvement in learning of students (strong indicator of performance of teachers) and the dysfunctional nature of the portal, the BJP government launched, the promise is considered “Broken”


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