Business and Industries

Strategically develop high impact domains like Labour-intensive manufacturing (viz. textile, footwear, electronics assembly, etc.) and Tourism

Adequate Progress

BJP government approved a special package of 6,000 crores for the textiles & apparel sector to create 1 crore jobs over next three years. This scheme includes bearing 12% Employer’s’ share under EPF for the new employees for first three years & choice of optional EPF for employees earning less than 15,000.

India significantly improved its Global Travel & Tourism ranking from 52 in the year 2015 to 40 in the year 2017, an improvement by 12 positions, the World Economic Forum reports.

Government of India launched Swadesh Darshan Scheme in January 2015 to develop theme based tourist circuits, 27 projects of 2,200 crores have been sanctioned so far.

Since the development can be measured by various indicators & on the status of job creation, government has failed to provide sufficient progress. Though in tourism sector, it has done really good. Hence, the promise has been classified as adequate.

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