Strengthen Police for investigations, making them Swift, Transparent, Fair, Clear and Decisive – acting as an inescapable deterrent to wrongdoers and a protective shield to the innocent


Supreme Court in Prakash Singh Vs. Union of India case recommended seven steps for making Police more fair, transparent, citizen-friendly and free from political interference.  The prominent recommendations include security of tenure for Police officers, separation of investigation functions of police from law and order, setting up of Police Complaint Authority to inquire into the complaints against the police offers, and setting up of Police Establishment Board to decide matters of transfers, postings and promotions. However, Model Police Bill hasn’t been tabled by BJP government.

On the contrary, there have been serious question of unfair use of police institutions to target inconvenient voices. Several cases filed by Delhi Polices against MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party have been thrown out by the Courts. A detailed story done by Hindustan Times shows how Delhi Police has faced ire of the Court for its cases against the AAP MLAs. Similarly, there exist several cases wherein Police has not acted against the politicians of the ruling party drawing Court’s ire in those cases too.

In the light of such consistent misuse of Police institutions by the ruling parties, the promise made by BJP assumes greater significance. However, nothing has been done by the BJP government to fulfil the promise.

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