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Adequate Progress

India’s rank in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ improved from 134rd rank in 2014 to 77th rank in 2019 among 190 countries assessed by the World Bank.  This is an improvement of 57 places.  

The parameter wise score is given below:

2014 Rank 2019 Rank Remark
Starting A New Business 179 137 No. of average days required to start a business reduced from 27 to 16.5
Dealing With Construction Permits 182 52 No. of average days for dealing with construction permits cut from 168 in 2014 to 95 in 2019
Getting Electricity 111 24 No. of average days for getting electricity cut from 67 days in 2014 to 55 days in 2019
Registering Property 92 166 No. of average days for registering days shot up from 44 days in 2014 to 69 days.
Getting Credit 28 22 Score on strength of legal rights improved from 8 in 2-14 to 9 in 2019. Score is out of 12
Protecting Minority Investors 34 7 The score on disclosure index improved from 7 in 2014 to 8 in 2019
Paying Taxes 158 121 Number of hours spent per year paying taxes shot up from 243 to 275 hours
Trading Across Borders 132 80
Enforcing Contracts 186 163
Resolving Insolvency 121 108 Recovery rate increased from 25.6 in 2014 to 26.5 in 2019

It must be noted that India’s ranking is based on the performance of Mumbai and Delhi and therefore in not accurately representative of entire country.

Over all, since, India’s rank has been improved up to 77th rank, a jump of 57 places, it has been given the status “Adequate Progress”.

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