Empowering Principals for decision-making in running of school including financial powers and administrative control over employees


The Delhi Government has delegated several administrative and financial powers to School Principals that were earlier exercised by Deputy Director.

These powers include hiring of clerical staff, Estate Manager, provisioning of pre-primary education in school, appointment of retired teachers and inviting guest speakers at an honorarium. The Principal who chairs the School Management Committee is also empowered by virtue of several administrative, financial and academic powers being devolved to the Committee. Each School now has a separate post called Estate Manager who manages the sanitation, repair, maintenance, and other clerical work allowing the Principals to devote their time for improving academic environment of the schools. 1 2

Additionally, the principals can recommend transfers of two of their teachers, and hire resource persons for 200 hours. Further, the Principal is empowered to collaborate with any civil society organisations on pro-bono basis without approval of the department.

These are substantive powers devolved and hence the promise is considered “Fulfilled”

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