Increase budgetary allocation and spending on healthcare will be increased


By: Ashwin Mb

Prior to AAP coming to power, the total expenditure in 14-15 was 3,116 crore. Since then, starting with 50% increase in the budget there has been consistent increase in total budget allocation and spending on healthcare as shown in the table below. In 2017-18, total expenditure has been budgeted at 5,033 crore.

Budgeted (in Crores) (Actual) Expenditure (in Cr)
2014-15 2724✳✳ 3,116✳✳
2015-16 4,787 3,300
2016-17 4,613 4,059
2017-18 5,033

✳ This is the revised budget. The Actual expenditure would be expected to be less than this.

✳✳ 14-15 Budget presented by Mr. Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister) as Delhi was under President’s rule

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