Open 500 new schools with special focus on secondary and senior secondary schools


The number of schools has increased from 1007 in 2014-15 to 1030 in 2017-18. On October 6, 2017, Arvind Kejriwal led government inaugurated 5,695 new classrooms.

In addition to this, in July 2018, the Government granted cabinet approval for another 12,000 rooms construction which includes staff rooms, principal rooms, labs, toilet blocks, and multi-purpose rooms along with classrooms.

The improvement is reflected in nearly 200 additional schools starting Nursery classes which were unusual for Delhi Government Schools, more than 100 Special Training Centres aimed to mainstream out of school children, and nearly 400 middle school libraries.

If 50 rooms were to equate with constructing one school, the Government of Delhi has already constructed equivalent of 120 schools, and another 240 equivalent are in advanced stage of completion and likely to be completed before next academic year begins. Further, nearly two-thirds of Delhi Government schools run in double shifts (morning and evening), so taking that into account, once the construction work is completed, the Manish Sisodia led Ministry will have constructed equivalent of 600 schools.

Therefore, the promise is considered “Fulfilled”

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