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1. Flagship Promises Adequte Progress Reducing pollution in Delhi
2. Flagship Promises Adequate Progress Promote Sports Culture
3. Water Stalled Ensure Delhi gets its entitled extra raw water from Haryana in the Munak Canal.
4. Flagship Promises Fulfilled To bring Governance on the Mobile Phone
5. Flagship Promises Inadequate Progress To legislate the Swaraj Act to devolve power directly to the people giving power of decision-making to the communities
6. Flagship Promises Stalled Will push for full Statehood for Delhi
7. Water Broken Water As Right: To amend Delhi Jal Board Act to make clean drinking water as right of the people.
8. Education Inadequate Progress To ease up issues of teacher administration including making their salary receipts, increments, promotions, transfer posting and retirement benefits transparent and online
9. Health Inadequate Progress 900 new Primary Health Centers will be built
10. Flagship Promises Fulfilled End of VAT Raids and Inspector Raj on traders.
11. Health Adequate Progress Free ambulance to be provided across Delhi, even to private hospital patients.
12. Health Fulfilled Increase budgetary allocation and spending on healthcare will be increased
13. Health Adequate Progress Private Hospitals build on land granted by the government will be made to fulfil their commitments towards public healthcare.
14. Health Fulfilled Generic medicines will be promoted to reduce medical expenses
15. Flagship Promises Adequate Progress Regularize unauthorized colonies and giving ownership rights to residents.
16. Water Fulfilled Free lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters (20,000 liters) to every household per month through a Delhi Jal Board (DJB) metered water connection.
17. Flagship Promises Fulfilled Comprehensive CAG Audit of Power Distribution companies (discoms).
18. Flagship Promises Fulfilled Electricity Bills to be reduced by half
19. Flagship Promises Stalled Citizen Charter: Time-bound delivery of services by the government departments will be ensured by Citizen Charter and any violation would invite penalties.
20. Flagship Promises Inadequate Progress Wi-Fi Delhi: Make Wi-Fi freely available in public spaces across Delhi.
21. Flagship Promises Stalled Jan Lokpal: Legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill.
22. Education Inadequate Progress Ensuring all students graduating from Delhi schools who wish to pursue any Diploma/Degree be given bank loan with only one condition – securing admission
23. Education Fulfilled Identify academically weaker students and support them
24. Education Fulfilled To give teacher training lot more emphasis and to reduce the quantum of non-academic work of teachers
25. Education Broken Open more Anganwadis for children under the age of 6 years and also bring Anganwadis under schooling system
26. Education Inadequate Progress Open 20 new colleges in Delhi to avoid unnecessary migration of talented and motivated students to other states of India or abroad, due to an acute shortage of seats
27. Education Fulfilled Conduct large scale assessments of the schools on a regular basis
28. Education Fulfilled Building systems designed for maintenance of education history of all students across schools and for improving learning outcomes
29. Education Adequate Progress Fully staff and efficiently utilize the ICDS program and Anganwadis
30. Education Fulfilled Empowering Principals for decision-making in running of school including financial powers and administrative control over employees
31. Education Fulfilled To ensure that all schools set up School Management Committees comprising of all stakeholders that will functional and administrative powers
32. Education Stalled Lower the student-teacher ratio by recruiting Seventeen thousand new teachers
33. Education Fulfilled Open 500 new schools with special focus on secondary and senior secondary schools
34. Education Fulfilled Increase spending on Education from the present level
35. Education Stalled Regulating private school fees by publishing the fee structures and accounts online and abolish the capitation fee
36. Fulfilled Institute a centralized online system for nursery admissions, removing avenues for corruption.
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