Category Promise
1. Governance Inadequate Progress Focus on increasing the penetration and usage of broadband across the country. Deployment of broadband in every village would be a thrust area
2. Governance Inadequate Progress Digitization of Government records will be taken up on top priority so that they are easily accessible
3. Governance Broken Mandate digitization of all government work to reduce corruption and delays
4. Governance Broken Explore all possibilities within the framework of the constitution to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya
5. Governance Broken Strengthen Police for investigations, making them Swift, Transparent, Fair, Clear and Decisive – acting as an inescapable deterrent to wrongdoers and a protective shield to the innocent
6. Governance Broken Look at revising election expenditure limits realistically
7. Governance Inadequate Progress Evolve a method of holding Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously
8. Governance Broken To fast-track cases against politicians and eliminate criminals from politics
9. Governance Yet to Start Evolve a national network of specialized universities having expertise in complementary domains – like Forensics, Arbitration, IPR, International Law, etc.
10. Governance Fulfilled Give special emphasis to the development of Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanisms – like Lok Adalats, Arbitration and Conciliation centres
11. Governance Broken Set up a comprehensive National e-Library, empowering Lawyers
12. Governance Broken Establish an institutional mechanism to periodically review and give suggestions for refining our laws
13. Governance Fulfilled Periodically review and refine/ scrap outdated laws
14. Governance Fulfilled Create courts specially equipped to deal with IPR cases
15. Governance Broken Implement the National Litigation Policy in letter and spirit to reduce average pendency time of cases
16. Governance Inadequate Progress Initiate the computerization and networking of courts all over the country
17. Agriculture Inadequate Progress Promote horticulture, floriculture, pisciculture, bee-keeping and poultry for generating jobs and income for rural India
18. Agriculture Adequate Progress Strengthen the traditional employment bases of agriculture and allied industries, and retail – through modernization as well as stronger credit and market linkages
19. Agriculture Inadequate Progress Introduce rotation farming for herbal products, based on the geographical mapping, to enhance the income of farmers
20. Agriculture Broken Ensure a minimum of 50% profit over the cost of production by revising the Minimum Support Price and increase farmer profitability by linking MNREGA to agriculture
21. Agriculture Yet to Start Work with the states to set up seed culture labs in each district and regional agriculture innovation labs to conserve agro-biodiversity and to identify and preserve rare indigenous varieties
22. Agriculture Inadequate Progress Promote fish farming and aquaculture. Measures would be taken for the welfare of fisherman
23. Agriculture Inadequate Progress Create Cluster based storage systems (e.g. Rice cluster, Wheat Cluster, Veg – Fruit cluster, Spices cluster)
24. Health Inadequate Progress Will set up an AIIMS like institute in every state
25. Health Yet to Start High priority will be given to address the shortfall of healthcare professionals
26. Health Yet to Start Will review the role of various professional regulatory bodies in healthcare and consider setting up an overarching lean body for healthcare
27. Health Inadequate Progress Modernize Government hospitals, upgrading infrastructure and latest technologies
28. Health Inadequate Progress Move to pre-emptive care model where the focus and thrust will be on child health and prevention
29. Health Adequate Progress Will set up institutions of Indian System of Medicine. We will start integrated courses for Indian System of Medicine (ISM) and modern science and Ayurgenomics
30. Health Fulfilled Will increase the public investment to promote Yoga and AYUSH
31. Health Adequate Progress Increase the number of medical and para-medical colleges to make India self-sufficient in human resources
32. Health Broken Reorganize Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in order to converge various departments dealing in healthcare, food and nutrition and pharmaceuticals
33. Health Broken Launch National Mosquito Control mission.
34. Health Inadequate Progress Reduce the out-of-pocket (OOP) spending for the common man
35. Health Yet to Start Initiate the ‘National Health Assurance Mission’
36. Health Inadequate Progress Re-orientation of herbal plants board to encourage farming of herbal plants
37. Health Yet to Start Universalization of emergency medical services-108
38. Health Yet to Start Set up the ‘National eHealth Authority’ to leverage telemedicine and mobile healthcare
39. Health Yet to Start Occupational health programs will be pursued aggressively
40. Health Inadequate Progress Senior Citizens health care would be a special focus area
41. Health Inadequate Progress Focus on Rural Health care delivery.
42. Health Fulfilled Initiate the New Health Policy
43. Agriculture Adequate Progress Strengthen and expand rural credit facilities
44. Agriculture Adequate Progress Incentivize and set up ‘agro food processing clusters’, with high value, export-quality and vacuum packed food processing facilities, etc.
45. Agriculture Adequate Progress Reform the Agriculture Produce and Marketing Committee APMC act
46. Agriculture Adequate Progress Put in place welfare measures for farmers above 60 years of age, small and marginal farmers and farm labours
47. Agriculture Adequate Progress Explore setting up of regional Kisan TV channels
48. Agriculture Inadequate Progress Introduce soil assessment based crop planning and setting up mobile soil testing labs
49. Agriculture Adequate Progress Implement a farm insurance scheme to take care of crop loss due to unforeseen natural calamities
50. Agriculture Adequate Progress Set up the ‘Organic Farming and Fertilizer Corporation of India’, to promote organic farming and fertilizers, and provide incentives and support for marketing organic produce
51. Education Broken Establish a Central University dedicated to Himalayan Technology
52. Education Broken Introduce self-defense as a part of the school curriculum
53. Education Broken Inculcate a culture of sports at the school level by arranging sports facilities and training needs and make sports as a compulsory part of the school curriculum
54. Education Inadequate Progress Set up the entire education network for tribal
55. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Transform our Employment Exchanges into Career Centres – connecting our youth with job opportunities as well as providing counselling and training
56. Education Broken Set up a National Commission on Education to recommend New Education Policy (NEP)
57. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Encourage and empower our youth for self-employment – incubating entrepreneurship as well as facilitating credit
58. Education Fulfilled Set up Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and virtual classrooms
59. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Harness the opportunities provided by the upgradation of infrastructure and housing, for its job generating potential
60. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Strategically develop high impact domains like Labour-intensive manufacturing (viz. textile, footwear, electronics assembly, etc.) and Tourism
61. Education Fulfilled Revisit the Apprenticeship Act to facilitate our youth to Earn while they Learn
62. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Policy support for enhancing the mandate to purchase from SME for large scale projects
63. Education Yet to Start Restructure UGC into a Higher Education Commission
64. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Support in R&D and innovation in MSMEs
65. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Ensure adoption of IT in MSMEs
66. Education Inadequate Progress The procedures to make appointments to senior positions shall be made transparent to enhance the credibility of Indian Universities
67. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Ensure availability of credit through a dedicated SME bank
68. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Provide international linkages for exports in MSME sector
69. Education Inadequate Progress Raise the standard of education to enhance global status by enhancing research in Indian Universities
70. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Set up trade facilitation to ensure easier customs clearances
71. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Encourage Indian companies to go global and support Indian companies in this endeavor
72. Education Adequate Progress Provide autonomy with steps to ensure accountability for institutions of higher learning
73. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Increase the public spending on R&D and incentivize R&D investments by the industry to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector
74. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Take steps for Interest rate rationalization for credit to the industry
75. Education Yet to Start Conduct a needs assessment exercise for identifying the future needs of vocations across sectors
76. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Accord high priority to the growth of manufacturing, so that we can create enough jobs in the country
77. Economy Inadequate Progress Encourage Savings as an important driver of investment and growth
78. Education Adequate Progress Institute a mechanism for interaction between industry (including SME), academia & community
79. Business and Industries Yet to Start Frame the environment laws in a manner that provides no scope for confusion and will lead to speedy clearance of proposals without delay
80. Economy Inadequate Progress Undertake Banking reforms to enhance ease and access, as well as accountability
81. Economy Adequate Progress Revisit the policy framework for investments both foreign and domestic to make them more conducive
82. Economy Adequate Progress Strictly implement Fiscal discipline, without compromising on funds availability for development work and asset creation
83. Business and Industries Yet to Start Set up a task force to review and revive our MSME sector (Micro and Small Medium scale Enterprises)
84. Education Adequate Progress Rework the work culture of teacher training institutions with a goal to prepare committed & performing teachers
85. Economy Inadequate Progress Engage with foreign Governments to facilitate information sharing on black money
86. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Set up World class Investment and Industrial regions as Global Hubs of Manufacturing
87. Economy Adequate Progress Set up a Task Force to tackle black money and to recommend amendments to existing laws or enact new laws
88. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Decision-making on environment clearances will be made transparent as well as time-bound
89. Economy Inadequate Progress To initiate the process of tracking down and bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks and offshore accounts
90. Education Broken Initiate a multi-country student exchange program for school going children
91. Business and Industries Yet to Start Set up mechanism that will ensure that the central & state governments work in close coordination and synergy while giving clearances to mega projects
92. Economy Adequate Progress The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) functioning shall be made more efficient and investor friendly
93. Economy Adequate Progress Allowing FDI in sectors wherever needed for job and asset creation, infrastructure and acquisition of niche technology and specialized expertise
94. Economy Broken FDI will not be allowed in multi-brand retail sector
95. Economy Adequate Progress Set up a strong regulatory framework for the non-banking financial companies(NBFCs) to protect the investors
96. Economy Inadequate Progress Take steps to reduce NPAs in Banking sector
97. Education Fulfilled Establish a national E-Library to empower school teachers and students
98. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Move towards a single-window system of clearances both at the Centre & also at the State level through a Hub-Spoke Model
99. Economy Inadequate Progress Overhaul the tax dispute resolution mechanisms
100. Economy Adequate Progress A robust IT network will be set up to implement GST
101. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Ensure improvement in logistics infrastructure & supply chain management
102. Education Inadequate Progress Explore ways to reduce the daily burden of carrying books to school for children using technology
103. Economy Inadequate Progress Rationalization and simplification of the tax regime to remove uncertainty and create investor confidence
104. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Will ensure cutting the red tape, simplify the procedures & remove the bottlenecks
105. Business and Industries Adequate Progress Will ensure that a conducive, enabling environment is created making ‘doing business’ in India easy
106. Education Inadequate Progress Revitalize Mid-day meal scheme (MDMS) in terms of management and delivery
107. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Will embark on the path of IPRs and Patents in a big way
108. Economy Adequate Progress Evolve a single ‘National Agriculture Market’
109. Education Inadequate Progress Start a national modernization program for madrasas
110. Economy Inadequate Progress Leverage on technology to disseminate Real time data, especially to farmers – on production, prices, imports, stocks and overall availability
111. Business and Industries Yet to Start An Export Promotion Mission will be established integrating all Stakeholders
112. Education Adequate Progress Develop special pedagogy for differently-abled students
113. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Build world class Ports; connecting them with roads and rail to the hinterland so as to drive the maritime trade
114. Education Inadequate Progress Help Girls to continue and complete school education
115. Economy Broken Unbundle Food Corporation of India (FCI) operations into procurement, storage and distribution for greater efficiency
116. Education Inadequate Progress Universalize secondary school education and skill development with a focus on rural, tribal and difficult areas
117. Economy Fulfilled Set up a Price Stabilisation Fund
118. Education Inadequate Progress Mechanism would be set up for a performance audit of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) by means of real-time information
119. Economy Yet to Start Put in place strict measures and special courts to stop hoarding and black marketing
120. Business and Industries Inadequate Progress Focus on Zero defect products
121. Agriculture Adequate Progress Introduce and promote low water consuming irrigation techniques and optimum utilization of water resources
122. Agriculture Fulfilled Increase public investment in agriculture and rural development
123. Governance Inadequate Progress Accord high priority to opening new courts, and setting up a mechanism for speedy clearance of the backlog of cases at various levels in the judiciary
124. Governance Broken Double the number of courts and judges in the subordinate judiciary in a phased manner
125. Governance Broken Accord high priority to filling the Judges vacancies
126. Governance Stalled Set up a National Judicial Commission for the appointment of judges in higher judiciary.
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